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As of February 2017, I am no longer accepting students for tutoring. If you need help with physics, I encourage you to check out my YouTube channel and video courses which have helped thousands of students understand physics better.  You can also access free downloadable resources to start boosting your physics grade right now.

Best of luck with your physics course!

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Hi Scott, I got 87.27% on my final. So my final grade for this class is 81.3. Honestly, I am so happy and thank full that I got you as my tutor because when I came to see you, I had an average of 53%. I’ve learn so much and would like to thank you for tutoring me!

Rabab A.

I would like to say that you are a very nice teacher. When I asked you questions for help, you always prepared in advance. You are very patient and explain the materials clearly. You gave the practice tests, also you upload all the notes and some powerpoint, etc. It really helps!

Amy H.

Scott is by far the best physics tutor out there! His explanations are clear and concise. He is so patient and goes above and beyond to ensure you understand the material. Thanks to him, I feel more relaxed and confident in my physics skills. My marks have greatly improved….Thank-you so much.

Alessa S.

Scott is a great physics tutor. His explanations are clear and he always makes sure you understand the content. He prepares in advance for anything you’d like to go over and offers you extra notes to help with studying and better understanding the material.

Nick E.